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Sterek AU: Jump Then Fall by linksofmemories

Stiles hires Derek, a professional Dom, in order to lose his virginity. He expects a quick fuck in the back of Derek’s Camaro and for that to be that; he definitely didn’t expect this to go past one night.

“Let me see your hand,” Derek said, taking Stiles’ wrist in his hand before lifting it up.

He took a pen out of his pocket and wrote something on his palm, the tip of the pen tickling, but somehow Stiles managed to keep still.

“That’s an address, a date, and a time,” Derek explained. “And even if you don’t go through with it, I want you to know that I really enjoyed tonight. I would also really like to give you that first kiss before you go.”

Stiles didn’t even have to think about it. “Oh, fuck yes.”

Derek practically surged forward, taking Stiles’ face in his hands before melding their lips together. Stiles just clung to Derek’s suit jacket, leaning back against the Jeep and enjoying feeling Derek against him. There was no way he was not going to show up to that meeting. He was going to go to that address and have sex with this amazing man and it was going to be the best thing ever.



Are people legit saying this?
Well damn! If Stiles and Malia have something ‘special’ then Stydia and Sterek are something mindblowingly close to perfection, because if a mentally 8 year old girl and a 17 year old possesed boy making out is having something ‘special’ then some genuine care and concern must blow your fucking mind.


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Addams Family Values (1993)

Gomez knows how its fucking done.

Gomez gives out better relationship advice than like 90% of dudes.

Gomez Addams is a suave motherfucker who loves his wife more than his own life.

Everyone should want a Gomez. He’s p cool.

If Gomez Addams came up and offered me a one-night stand with just him, I’d…

Scream and hit him with something heavy and then run for the salt because Gomez would never cheat on Morticia, and that means it’s probably a demon or some shit.

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I get so confused in American high school films, like you have different classes called trig and calculus. It’s all maths, how on earth do you spend a whole year of lessons just doing trig.

welcome to hell


Sterek!au: aka the one where I refuse to think about the fact that they haven’t even spoken this season and think about impossible scenarios instead

may i add





THIS is probably the most impressive acting I’ve ever seen. The way he switches characters from one second to the next, literally in the blink of an eye. No matter what else will ever happen on the show, I’ll forever be grateful that they gave Dylan the opportunity to play posessed!Stiles and show what an exeptionally talented actor he is.


THIS is probably the most impressive acting I’ve ever seen. The way he switches characters from one second to the next, literally in the blink of an eye. No matter what else will ever happen on the show, I’ll forever be grateful that they gave Dylan the opportunity to play posessed!Stiles and show what an exeptionally talented actor he is.


nothing will fuck you up as much as the realization that there’s no real reason the alphabet needs to be in order









"The brain can get sick too." 

Re-make of this post. 

End mental health stigma.

thank you

thank you







I made a new reaction gif. Couldn’t resist.


I made a new reaction gif. Couldn’t resist.


fem!Bilbo doodlesss




i don’t play kingdom hearts and i don’t care about context

but for me this is a gif of a chess piece trying to seduce a girl by sensually thrusting its crotch at her and a suave guy in the background wondering why his chess friend can’t just be chill around the ladies


so this is what Kingdom Hearts looks like to outsiders

I have to reblog this too just because it makes me crack up.




From now on i’ll only accept anon hate in morse code





You better watch your fucking tone or i’m calling the cops

notenoughgatorade asked:
just a tiny little comment, i love that when we saw the still of Stiles and the nogitsune playing Go we were all "stiles is going to take back his mind through his smarts, because Go is a strategic game, yadda yadda,,," and then!!! he just throws the game on the ground, that was hilarious




Hah same, I was also like WAIT THAT’S IT?!?!?!? I think it’s highly unrealistic frankly, if you could actually accomplish things with table-flipping I feel like I ought to have a much more successful life at this point. :D

It was a bit of a let-down, though, because again the meta was cooler than the actual execution. We all expected Stiles to be fighting somehow and trying to outmaneuver the nogitsune — which would make sense because that’s what we’ve seen him doing that already, where Void (I’mma just call it that it’s faster to type :D) has set up traps for Stiles’ loved ones and he’s basically found ways to sabotage them. But then it was just like… nope, when he’s inside his head, he’s just quietly playing a game of Go and Void is just like… keeping him distracted and disconnected. It seemed a little silly. I did LOVE that it was Scott who essentially called him back to himself and rescued him, though. That’s a bond and a friendship I’m never going to get tired of seeing, EVER.

I do think they completely removed a huge element of the conflict by having Void and Stiles separate into independent physical beings, and Void made itself vulnerable by letting that happen (he’s one of those villains that’s drummed up as a great strategist somehow but then the heroes don’t really need to match that at all to capture him and it’s just a little anti-climactic) but they are getting toward the end of the season and I guess they did need a situation where they can just kill it.

The thing with Go is that there is no single move to win the game. It’s not like Chess where if you checkmate the king you win. It’s mainly the players choosing when to end the game. One of the players who sees no way to win will resign.

This is basically a call back to Season 3a with Coach teaching Wall Street’s principles of risk and reward. The risk is if Stiles loses and the Nogitsune controls him. The reward is if Stiles wins he gets his body back.

But there is a third choice which is to not play at all and not risk anything.

However this game of Go is all an illusion since the Nogitsune is using the game to keep Stiles distracted while he already controls Stiles’ body.

Stiles has already lost by playing because the Nogitsune has already taken the reward before the game was decided.

Scott chose not to play. Stiles chose to END the game.

In that way, I don’t think it’s anti-climatic at all. It holds true to itself.

Go is about forcing the other person to end the game and resign but if the other person is cheating? Then it is about calling them out on it and bringing the game to an end by figuratively flipping the table.

The Nogitsune cheated. Which is why Stiles basically flipped the table.

What’s the point of playing if the other player is cheating? There is none.

Thank goodness there’s someone here to explain to me because you just made it 1000% better. I’m not sure whether to fault the show or not though for the fact that none of this was even remotely obvious, because I don’t get chess symbolism either. Really the only way a series is going to connect with me on board game-based metaphors is if they’re Parcheesi-related.